October 29, 2008

who knew Clare Huxtable was real!!!!!!!!

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Michelle Obama an educated woman  poised, elegant, well achieved, mother, wife and true maverick. This woman can bake a cake, put the kids to bed, maintain a functioning family, run a major party campaign for presidency, keep the romance alive with her husband (who we have seen buying her flowers on many occasions) , look gorgeous on a budget, sit in a rich house and a poor house and can honestly understand the lives of both, can carry a two step and still at the end of the day find her greatest accomplishments to be just a wife and mother.

As a child growing up every Thursday night  I was first and present in front of my television set to enjoy the NBC eight o’clock line up of television’s favorite African American family, the  “Huxtables” on The Cosby Show. Along with the every day satire and situations that grab my attention episode after episode one woman was always the talk of the town. Phylicia Rashad who played the role of the infamous Clare Huxtable. The superwoman Phylicia Rashad played the role of the incredibly strong, very educated and beautiful wife of doctor Cliff Huxtable. In her role she was always tough but fair, it had often been joked that she can do it all and when describing the characters and their functions of what they bring to the show they would always say that the character played by Bill Cosby was always in love with her intelligence, candor and what a phenomenal woman she was. Clare Huxtable graduated top of her class at Hillman University (named of course after Spellman University) and became a partner on one of the top law firms in New York City and with all of her success she still maintained a grounded wife and mother who always put her family first.

Sounds familiar to any one how about the one and only Michelle Obama graduate top of her class at Harvard and Princeton University. Michelle has worked her way to becoming a very successful lawyer, wonderful mother, wife and friend to a nation.  Every time I listen to this woman speak I feel proud to be a woman. when asked Scholastic News Online what is the major change during this election Michelle Obama responded “The biggest change is there are more cameras, and i get noticed more in the airport and at the store” then she later goes on to say “I have always had my own career-which i still maintain. I carry two Blackberries on the trail: one for the campaign and one for the University of Chicago Medical Center, where I am Vice President of Community and External Affairs, so I can stay in touch with my colleagues and [keep track of] projects”. This is a woman that has managed to remain grounded through all the business of the campaigning and it is my belief that even after this woman becomes first lady I truly believe she will be one of the greatest.


October 14, 2008

Oh what a day!!!!!!!!

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New York City is buzzing with the talks of the new McCain. The self proclaimed maverick has been seen heading in a different direction than he had lead his followers.

Much like most since this campaign began I have been wondering where was the real John McCain the maverick who marched on the side of the people, the man who gained his senate seat in 1987 and in the 90’s gained this reputation of being this independent thinker who was hard to categorize. McCain was known to challenge leadership and his involvement with the Democratic Party made him this man that was more about passion than politics. One can only imagine my surprise when I woke up on morning and heard his running mate Sarah Palin playing dirty politics while allowing supporters in the audience to yell out racial slurs about senator Obama.

I was at a complete lost to witness that senator McCain did nothing to stop it. Then this campaign became more about a past of ignorance than about the crisis that we as an economy are facing today. Apart from registering to vote and watching the debates between the senators and listening to Palin display her ignorance, I pretty much kept my television off the entire topic of politics. That was until I at some point this evening I may be late but I was able to see in news feed where senator McCain in his finest hour became the man he was known to be when a miss informed supporter called senator Obama an “Arab”.

Thank you Senator McCain for realizing that you are a grown man who wants to run a country, now with that said I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t say what I really wanted. While it is true that I called senator McCain’s defending senator Obama his finest hour in this campaign and actually that has been the only straight and honest response he has given since the whole presidential race began. I would be remiss if I didn’t question how as a country we have allowed ourselves to get to this point. As a people and a nation who have surpassed so much and have made advancements unparalleled to none allowed ourselves to step back into this to this intolerant prejudice oasis or ignorance. Divided as a human race we can do nothing, the only question is when we are going to realize that.

What!!!!?…..where did they find this woman? I would love for one of her suporters to explain this to me……….

September 25, 2008

Since when does a presidential hopeful get to be president for a day!!!

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Yesterday I turned on my television and saw John McCain announcing that he is going to suspend his campaign so that he can focus on this economy.

I soon after read an AP article that proposed that McCain’s move “was orchestrated to put Obama in a bind. Rejecting the idea would allow McCain alone to appear above politics, but agreeing to suspend campaigning and the debate could make Obama look like he’s following McCain’s lead.” It was be interesting to see how Obama and his camp handle this. From earlier accounts, Obama called McCain yesterday morning “to propose that they issue a joint statement in support of a package to help fix the economy as soon as possible.” But McCain’s camp underhandedly appear on television without any further conversation from Obama. Yep, this is Shark Tale politics folks.

Publicly in response Obama has apparently, and rightfully, opposed that foolish idea. I later read in an article in the New York Times that between being paid on the low by Freddie Mac, and lying about it, and then lying, in general, through the phony letters he was having people write for him, McCain is in hot water, hence the shenanigans.

Conclusively I believe that McCain took a look at the polls and noticed that Obama is beginning to expand his lead in many states and this is just a tactic that he is using to try to slow his momentum. I will give it to McCain; it was a good try and a very slick move he tried to pull off. But the Obama camp had the perfect response in saying “…this is the time the American people want to hear from us the most…” and “….a president should be able to handle more than one thing at the sometime…” I just don’t understand since when in life can one call a time out when things start happening too fast. You have to be able to adapt and roll with the punches especially as president. There is no way McCain will be able to fix the issues that are affecting this economy between now and the elections. He needs to focus on trying to become president first.

September 23, 2008

What’s going on?

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Britney spears uses tyra banks body to promote her new album and Rihanna wears a new rabbit shawl mean while in Iraqi American’s are still dieing everyday and here on the home front midgets are thrown off of giants shoulders.

As the saying goes “a midget standing on the giants shoulders can see further than the giant.” So why it is that no one saw the oncoming collapse some of the world most powerful investment companies. Like many investors I have been loosing my mind trying to understand the fall of Lehman Brothers, Fannie Mae and Merrilynch and how I would be affected. Although I was advised to breath and understand that everything would be fine. While on the other hand Bloomberg orders $1.5 Billion in cuts with of course the plan of “The spending reductions come as the mayor is floating the idea of a 7 percent property tax increase on homeowners, a move that could generate an additional $600 million in revenue each year.” . By the way Bloomberg has been trying to find ways to increase revenue since he has been in office, which is a good thing for the city unfortunately at the cost of the tax payers and property owners. The growing fad is to kick up dust and while everyone panics and covers their eyes to keep the dirt out we have no clue what’s really going on. As random as this blog may seem that’s exactly what it feels like reading the news papers and watching the news trying to prevaricate what is truth and what is bias-I mean what is news.

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